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Offering maximum water protection for marine work

One thing is clear: When systems are operated offshore or in stagnant bodies of water – whether as fixed installations such as shipyards, locks and platforms or floating on board ships – hydraulic fluids produced on the basis of mineral oils should not even be considered for system operation.

However, there are also important differences between the various synthetic hydraulic fluids which can be decisive when selecting products for maritime deployments. Questions to be asked include: How quickly does the fluid biodegrade? Does it continue to present a risk to sensitive underwater flora and fauna during this time? Can the fluid potentially even reduce the likelihood of damage to the hydraulic system thanks to low-corrosion operation? LUBESAVE MARINE is the answer to these questions. It is a biologically harmless purely synthetic hydraulic fluid that is 94% biodegradable in just 28 days. It offers maximum corrosion protection for the systems in which it is used. Well over 100,000 operating hours can typically be achieved before the first fluid change is necessary.


How can I order LUBESAVE MARINE?


Fluid Competence produces in Germany. This secures competitive prices and flexible purchasing modalities for customers – in quantities, delivery cycles or custom grades with special, company-specific additives. You can also benefit by ordering directly from the manufacturer. Simply speak to us about your requirements and the volumes needed for your maritime systems. We will be happy to send you an individual quote.