Use Cases | Fluid Competence

In the mining and tunnel construction sector, engineers, technicians and workers battle against extremes: extreme pressure, extreme temperatures and extreme risks. The functionality of hydraulic installations is a kind of life insurance policy for the people working below ground, as critical safety systems rely on it. The two hydraulic system […]

Have you ever been to a steelworks, roller mill or pressing plant? If so, you will already have a good idea of the kinds of masses, weights, forces and temperatures that need to be controlled via hydraulic systems here. Quite understandably, this type of highly energy-intensive and cost-intensive production places […]

Excavation, lifting, levelling, shifting, moving, pumping … this list can essentially go on forever. It is a list that describes the applications of hydraulic systems in the construction industry. At Fluid Competence, we know all about the special requirements of these hydraulic systems for the vehicles used in this field. […]

The use of complex machines in forestry and agriculture has progressed further in the past two decades than in the hundred years prior. Specialised heavy machinery, which is typically rented for use during the sowing and harvesting periods, is the dominant force in the agricultural sector. In the forestry sector, […]

One thing is clear: When systems are operated offshore or in stagnant bodies of water – whether as fixed installations such as shipyards, locks and platforms or floating on board ships – hydraulic fluids produced on the basis of mineral oils should not even be considered for system operation. However, […]